Pitching Mechanics Basics

 Youth Baseball Pitching Mechanics

Hiring a great youth baseball pitching coach is one of the most important things you can do to help your player’s pitching career. Houston Baseball coaches are great, but you really need to invest in a pitching coach to take your player to the next level.

Just because a pitching coach has reached the professional level, doesn’t mean that he is a good pitching coach. Justin Higgs, has played baseball in the Houston area and has the knowledge to get your son the balance and control needed to throw strikes.

Coach Justin Higgs has years of experience effectively teaching baseball pitching mechanics to players all over the Katy, Houston and Cypress area. Not only does he know the baseball pitching mechanics that will help your player have increased pitching velocity and control, and be consistent, he is able to communicate to teach effectively.


Just because a pitching coach knows the mechanics doesn’t mean he is a good teacher. Justin Higgs has learned different ways of teaching or saying the same thing. This might seem repetitive, but different players understand and learn things differently. If the student doesn’t “get” what the coach is trying to teach him, he can waste a lot of time and become needlessly frustrated. As a proven teacher, Justin understands that each player is different and he is successful at communicating with youth baseball pitching students.


One of the greatest benefits of using Justin Higgs as your baseball player’s pitching coach is that you can send him a video of your player pitching and he can analyze it for mistakes. He compares your player’s video side by side with professional pitchers and analyzes the changes that need to be made to increase the student’s skill. If you are unable to meet with Justin in person, that’s ok. He can speak with your player and explain very thoroughly what mechanics need to be changed. This is where Coach Justin’s skill as a teacher is critical. He can explain, on their level, and to their understanding the corrections that need to be made.


Contact Justin today to find out more about his youth baseball pitching. He is known to produce successful pitchers through critical analysis and exceptional communication skills.